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Issue 72 - 2012

Front Cover of Issue 72 - 2012
This 166 page issue features the Zephyr Rocket and the K-Line, and more


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

The Zephyr Rocket, joint CB&Q/Rock Island train between Minneapolis and St. Louis
      Page 3, with color photo

The Zephyr Rocket
      Not the Fastest and not the Best, But It Lasted
      Lawrence Thomas
      Pages 4-27, with many B&W and color photos, timetables, and more

Zephyr Rocket Memories
      Charlie Stallcup
      Pages 28-65, with many B&W and color photos, maps, timetables, and more

The Hannibal Union Depot Company
      Pages 66-77, with full-page fold-out, many B&W and color photos, maps, timetables, and more

The Zephyr Rocket at Quincy
      Philip A. Weibler
      Pages 78-79, with full-page map

The Other Way to Minneapolis
      The Wabash and the Minneapolis & St. Louis Tried Their Hand
      Pages 80-85, with timetables and multiple B&W and color photos

St. Paul Union Depot
      Stoic and Stately - It Still Survives
      Pages 81-103, full-page station map foldout, many B&W and color photos

How Pullman Made Money
      Pages 104-132, with double-page foldout, dining car menu foldout, maps, timetables, and many B&W and color photos

The Milwaukee Road Station in Minneapolis
      Pages 132-136, 2 B&W photos, 2 color photos, full-page station map foldout, and 1 timetable

The Zephyr Rocket in St. Louis
      Pages 137-139, 3 B&W photos, 3 color photos, 1 timetable

Zephyr Rocket
      Pages 140-153, with consists, car and diesel assignments, postal covers, buffet-lounge car diagram, many B&W photos, 1 color photo, and more

Rankin Yard
      Page 154, with 1 color photo

"What was the number of my train, again?"
      Page 155, with B&W photo

The End
      Page 160, with color photo

James A. Chenault, Jr.
      April 13, 1930 - January 30, 2012
      Page 161, with color photo

      Pages 162-166, with B&W photo, full-page foldout with St. Louis map on one side, Joint Time Table on the other

Note of Appreciation
      Page 167, with removable breakfast menu in pocket

Back Cover of Issue 72 - 2012

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