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Issue 71 - 2011

Front Cover of Issue 71 - 2011
This 118 page issue focuses on TRRA Cabooses - past and present, TRRA Observation #20, and more


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

Cabooses on American Railroads
      Page 3, with photos

Cabooses on the Terminal Railroad
      A Look Back When A Caboose Brought up the Markers of Every TRRA Train
      Pages 4-5, with two color photos

Pre-World War II Wood Cabooses
      Pages 6-9, with roster, drawing, and 2 B&W photos

Shelter Cabs
      Pages 10-13, with roster and 6 B&W photos

Mt. Vernon Car Company Cabooses
      Pages 14-21, with roster, 4 drawings, and 5 B&W photos

Mt. Vernon Car Company
      Pages 22-25, 12 B&W photos, 6 color photos, 1 double-page color Mt. Vernon Car Co. vintage ad, and April 1961 lists of TRRA road jobs requiring cabooses - East Side and West Side

Caboose on the General Motors Train
      Pages 36-39, 7 B&W photos, 1 color photo

The International Car Company Cabooses
      Pages 40-43, with 1948-1949 roster, 3 B&W photos and 2 color timetable covers

The International Car Company
      Pages 44-53, 13 B&W photos, 4 color photos, 1 drawing, and 2 timetables

Clean, Oil, Test and Stencil - COT&S
      Why Those Letters Are Important
      Pages 54-59, 4 B&W photos, 4 color photos, 1 color page featuring 3 International Car Co. items

The Lackawanna Cabooses
      Pages 60-64, with roster, 6 B&W photos, 1 color photo, and a map

A TRRA 618 Recollection
      Ronald Mosby
      Page 65, with 1 B&W photo

1957 Second Hand Cabooses
      Pages 66-67, with roster and 2 B&W photos

A Katy Morning in Baden
      Captions and photos from Raymond B. George, Jr.
      Pages 68-69, 4 color photos

1959 International Car Company Cabooses
      Pages 70-75, with roster, 5 B&W photos, 4 color photos

Cabooses from the Missouri Pacific
      Pages 76-81, roster, drawing, 7 color photos, E.H. Harriman Memorial Medal Safety Awards 1986-2008

Caboose Assigned to the TRRA Work Train
      Pages 82-87, 4 B&W and 6 color photos

TRRA Caboose Arrives At Valley Junction
      Pages 88-89, 3 color photos

The Three Lives of TRRA No. 20
      The Two Stories of Two Locomotives
      Ron Goldfeder
      Pages 90-105, with specifications, drawings, maps, 12 B&W photos, and more

Team Tracks on the Terminal Railroad
      Pages 106-109, with map and 2-page foldout B&W photo

A 1935 Inspection Trip on the Terminal Railroad
      Could It Be Recreated Today?
      Pages 110-114, map, 2 B&W photos, 1 color photo, and more

Acknowledgements and Footnotes
      Page 115-116

Note of Appreciation
      Page 117

Back Cover of Issue 71 - 2011

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