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Issue 70 - 2010

Front Cover of Issue 70 - 2010
This 140 page issue focuses on the TRRA and Union Starch and Refining Company, plus Mail at Union Station, and Wabash photos.


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

Union Starch and Refining Co. Inc.
      Page 3

The Union Starch and Refining Company
      A Customer of the Terminal Railroad
      Larry Thomas
      Pages 4-35, with many B&W and color photos, maps, 2 foldouts, plus Indianapolis, Columbus & Southern Traction Co. pages 22-23

Quality Products from Corn
      A Great Place To Work With Great People
      Don D. Gergen
      Pages 36-45, with B&W and color photos

Should You Own It Or Lease It
      The Perils of Tank Car Ownership
      Pages 46-47

The Wabash Railroad Photos of Irv Schankman
      All Photos from Irvin Schankman Unless Otherwise Credited
      Larry Thomas
      Pages 48-73, many B&W photos, 1 color photo, 1 foldout

      Page 74

      Page 75

When Rail Moved the Mail
      Norbert Shacklette
      All Photos from Wayne Leeman
      Pages 76-87, with B&W photos, route diagram, timetables

Mail, Baggage and Express Handling
      When the TRRA Performed at Its Best
      Pages 88-89, with 4 B&W photos

Holiday Mail File - 1945
      Close Co-operation Between the Railroads and the United States Post Office Was Necessary
      Pages 90-107, with B&W photos, meeting minutes, operations orders

Terminal's Automated Mail Handling Facility
      When the Terminal Railroad Really Moved the Mail
      Pages 108-110, photos, financial chart, express cars/road locomotives log sheet

Wayne Leeman
      Page 111, with photo

Railway Express Agency
      Page 112, with photo

St. Louis Union Station
      Page 113, with aerial photo

Ridgely Tower, Springfield, Illinois
      The End of an era - No more mechanically-operated switches in the USA
      Jon R. Roma
      Pages 114-121, with B&W and color photos, map, and manipulation charts

Sources, Union Starch and Refining Company
      Page 122

      Page 123

Back Cover of Issue 70 - 2010

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