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Issue 69 - 2009

Front Cover of Issue 69 - 2009
This 152 page issue focuses on the joint MKT/Frisco passenger train The Texas Special.


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

Texas Special
      Page 3

The Texas Special
      It was the Finest Ever
      Pages 4-49, 52-87, with many B&W and color photos, dining car menus, multiple foldouts, more

Who Were Those Texans and Missourians?
      Page 49

The Battle of the Alamo
      It Planted the Seed for Independence
      Page 50

The Pullman Company and the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Lines
      From the Archives of the Pullman Company at the Newberry Library
      Page 88-101, 104-123, 128-144, with system map, car diagrams (incl. 2 foldouts), B&W and color photos, multiple foldouts, more

My Texas Special Trip
      Photos and Text from Bob Morrison
      Pages 102-103, with color photos

The San Antonio Station
      It was the Crown Jewel of Katy Station Architecture
      Page 124-127, with B&W and color photos

Footnotes and References
      Pages 145-148

The Texas Special
      Painting by artist Jim Jordan
      Page 149

Pullman Car Royal Palace/Charles A. Wickersham
      Page 150, with color photo

      Page 151

Back Cover of Issue 69 - 2009

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