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Issue 66 - 2006

Front Cover of Issue 66 - 2006

This issue marks twenty years of existence for the TRRA Historical & Technical Society. The reason for its founding stems from the lack of coverage in the 'mainstream rail press' of St. Louis railroad operations and history. There have been a few naysayers along the way - mostly those who thought that railroad history was defined as steam locomotive photography. One correspondent wrote something to the effect that, "...your group probably won't be around for long..."

This issue addresses the Illinois Central passenger operations into St. Louis. Considering the difficulty that the Illinois Central had in reaching St. Louis, the company's determination to pursue the opportunities in the St. Louis market place is remarkable. The line was independent in its pursuit of traffic and rather than be dependent upon the TRRA, preferred to service their own locomotives, yard their own engines, and use their own crews, even at Union Station.

The company built a respectable engine facility in East St. Louis and expanded its freight yard capacity - even building a hump yard at the Valley Jct. freight yard in East St. Louis in 1915. So unique was the operation that GRS published a pamphlet with illustrations and a fold out map of the yard.

The St. Louis connection to the Illinois Central Florida trains was tenuous at best. Even the Pullman Company suggested that the St. Louis cars which were switched into the Panama at Carbondale be discontinued as a timekeeping measure, but the IC would have none of it. So - every evening and every morning - the St. Louis cars were switched into or removed from the mainline trains, and not just the Panama - a similar routine was performed on the Seminole, and in older times, on the Floridan and the Sunchaser too.

Like so many rail lines that entered St. Louis, the Illinois Central has been overlooked when it came to St. Louis operations. This is the only issue for the 2006 membership year. Your continued support is much appreciated.

The Editor


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

Illinois Central
      Page 3

Illinois Central Comes to St. Louis
      From the Daylight on the Night Diamond - It was An Impressive Fleet of Pullmans and Parlor Cars
      Lawrence Thomas
      Pages 4-118, with car floor plans, maps, timetables, charts, many color and B&W photos, period ads, six foldouts

C&NW Sleeping Cars Used in Illinois Central Service
      From Kenosha to Miami in One Season
      Dale A. Johnson
      Pages 119-133, with car floor plans, maps, timetables, many color and B&W photos, period ads, one foldout

The Sunchaser
      At Its Height - there were four Illinois Central trains to Florida
      Pages 134-138, with car floor plans, timetables, period ads, B&W photos

The Floridan
      Illinois Central's Other All Pullman Train
      Pages 139-142, with timetable, color playing card back, foldout map of E. St. Louis, IL roundhouse area

Working at Union Station for the Illinois Central
      "...I told him, 'Everything is OK'...but the train didn't move..."
      Clinton F. Wertman
      Pages 143-144

Illinois Central Activity at St. Louis Union Station, April 30, 1950
      Page 145

ICC Report of August 21, 1931 Accident at St. Louis Union Station
      Page 145, with B&W photo

Illinois Central St. Louis Pullman Car Routes - 1904-1970
      Page 146

Other Illinois Central Pullman Sleeping Car Routes - 1930-1971
      Page 147

Selected Heavyweight Pullmans Assigned to Illinois Central
      Pages 148-149

Illinois Central Lightweight Pullmans
      Pages 150-151

Footnotes and Other Source Information
      Pages 152-154

      Page 155

In Memory of Robert A. Ripper
      Page 155

Back Cover of Issue 66 - 2006

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