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Issues 55-56 - Summer/Autumn 2000

Front Cover of Issues 55-56 - Summer/Autumn 2000

There was a vast number of freight customers that once shipped on the Terminal Railroad. In 1955, dozens and dozens were listed on the MBT, the TRRA, or the Illinois Transfer. Long gone are the coal companies, distributors and wholesalers of many products, most of which have names not heard around St. Louis for many years such as Kroger, A&P, Mississippi Valley Steel Company, or the Rexall Company.

From an outsider's perspective, railroads gain or lose customers all the time. Local coal companies are long gone. Some customers relocate - like General Motors. Others consolidate and eliminate manufacturing and cease to exist - like the Pullman Company or St. Louis Car Company.

It is particularly sad when a going concern, like the Rexall Company, attempts to refocus their goal, miss, and then are eliminated and extinguished as a result of bad management and executive made mishaps. On a sad note and from a historical perspective, the company archives and corporate records of these vanished companies often disappear - long gone are archives from Scullin Steel, Lemp Brewing Company, Scruggs, Vandervoort & Barney, Moon Motor Car Company, and now Rexall can be added to the list.


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

St. Louis Union Station News
      Page 3

The Rexall Drug Company and the TRRA
      This Drug Store Had Its Very Own Train
      Lawrence Thomas
      Pages 4-42, with centerfold, plus many more photos

Bill Henze Memorial Remembrance
      Upcoming National Conventions in St. Louis
      Page 43

Back Cover of Issues 55-56 - Summer/Autumn 2000

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