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Issues 53-54 - Winter/Spring 2000

Front Cover of Issues 53-54 - Winter/Spring 2000

Regretfully, some of the most famous railroad cars in history have disappeared from view. The specially constructed private rail car for Abraham Lincoln, intended for use as the first Presidential Palace Car, was used only once by its intended occupant, and then on his final journey home. The car stayed around until 1911 when a careless weed and leaf burner in Minneapolis let the flames get out of control and destroyed the car, which was stored some distance away.

Our local Busch family had their share of private rail cars, both named Adolphus. One survives today, albeit under different ownership. Although the Vanderbilt family members never lived in the St. Louis area, their presence was felt through the control of the Big Four Route via their New York Central System. Most of the family members had their own private cars and some have survived. One of these, Alfred Vanderbilt's Wayfarer, is now in retirement at the Museum of Transport in St. Louis.

Many of these cars passed through St. Louis Union Station and were handled by the TRRA, and therein lies the reason for the stories in this issue.


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

St. Louis Union Station News
      Page 3

The First Adolphus
      Travelling By Rail Was a Necessity for the Founder of America's Brewing Empire
      Pages 4-21, with centerfold photo

From Lenover to Villa Real
      One Pullman Sleeping Car's Rescue and Restoration
      Pages 22-27

Alfred G. Vanderbilt's Wayfarer
      America's Royal Family Travelled Like Kings
      Pages 28-33

The Second Adolphus
      Making the Best of It Away From Home
      Pages 34-39

Back Cover of Issues 53-54 - Winter/Spring 2000

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