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Issues 47-48 - Summer/Autumn 1998

Front Cover of Issues 47-48 - Summer/Autumn 1998

After the Terminal's Central Belt was severed between Big Bend Boulevard and Olive Street during 1986-87, the only way for the TRRA to service the customers remaining on the extreme south end of the Central Belt was to route the train via Grand Avenue and over the former Frisco tracks to the BN an Lindenwood and SE Jct.

This train still runs, although with a few changes. The traffic for the few customers on the south end of the Centrol Belt has all but dried up, as presented in the last issue, and most of the time BN road units are used instead of TRRA motors, mostly due to the fact that the newest TRRA locomotives are getting close to their thirtieth birthday.


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

St. Louis Union Station News
      Page 3

I Remember Ferguson
      R. L. Warren
      Pages 4-12

Wabash Traffic on the UD Line
      Oliver K. Blackburn
      Pages 13, 16-19

Ford Auto Assembly Plants in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and St. Louis
      Information provided by Duane Sneddeker of the Missouri Historical Society,
      the staff of the
Daily Oklahoman, John M. McGuire of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
      John A. Horner of the Kansas City Public Library, Jim Edwards, and Hal Ottaway
      Pages 14-15

Moving the Freight From Ewing Avenue
      Special thanks to O. K. Blackburn, Linton Kneemiller, Bob Tracy,
      and William Saenger for making this information possible.

      Pages 20-21

St. Louis Refrigerator Car Company - SLRX 6000-6099 and SLRX 3100-3499
      When Beer Moved by Train, Too
      Martin Loftin
      Special thanks to William J. Vollmar, Ph.D., and M. D. McCarter
        for providing additional information for this feature

      Pages 22-25

When Beer Moved By Rail
      Hal Wagner, Editor, Burlington Route Historical Society, Inc.
      Pages 26-27

Whatever Happened to . . . ?
      A Story About St. Louis Area Rail Photographers
      Joe Collias
      Pages 28-34

Last Call
      Page 35

Back Cover of Issues 47-48 - Summer/Autumn 1998

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