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Issues 45-46 - Winter/Spring 1998

Front Cover of Issues 45-46 - Winter/Spring 1998

To accommodate the change from steam to diesel the TRRA had to make some changes to the Fourteenth Street Shops where most of the passenger locomotives for passenger trains which departed from St. Louis Union Station were serviced. Within months the dismantling of the massive 1000 ton coaling tower west of Fourteenth Street had begun. In 1940 the TRRA began purchasing their own diesel Power.

In this issue former TRRA employee Bob Tracy remembers the early diesel days at Fourteenth Street. Of course, there were a few steam hangers on - Big Four Hudsons lingered on for a few years and the C&EI never bothered with diesels into St. Louis.


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

St. Louis Union Station News
      Page 3

Remembering Diesels at the Fourteenth Street Shops
      Text and Photo Captions by Robert Tracy
      Pages 4-21

Working Two Round Trips with Seven Days Off
      Remembering the United States Railway Mail Service
      Tom Semchee, Sr. as told to William J. Peters
      Pages 22-25

Notes from a TRRA Time Card
      Ira Davis, TRRA Vice President and General Manager
      Unpublished Post-Dispatch interview from October 15, 1953
      Pages 26-27

The Last Customer on the TRRA's Central Belt
      David R. Bales
      Pages 28-29

Yard Report
      Dennis Smith
      Pages 30-31

Back Cover of Issues 45-46 - Winter/Spring 1998

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