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Issues 43-44 - Autumn 1997/Winter 1998

Cover of Issues 43-44 - Autumn 1997/Winter 1998

"If an employee of the Southern Railway messed up really bad, he was sent to Coapman Yard in East St. Louis", recalls one Southern employee when interviewed for this Issue of 43/44 which detailed the operations of the Southern in the St. Louis area. Of particular interest is the operation of Southern Crossing, an interlocking tower operated by the TRRA where the Southern and the TRRA crossed in East St. Louis, Illinois. The passenger trains of the Southern Railway into the St. Louis area are also highlighted - they were the last steam powered passenger trains on the Southern system when they were discontinued on June 16, 1952. Photos from the collections of Joe Collias, Louis Marre, Charles E. Winters, Bill Raia, John Barriger III, Harold K. Vollrath, and Scott Muskopf make this issue unique.


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

St. Louis Union Station News
      Page 3

Southern Crossing - A Strong Arm Classic
      The Southern Railway Meets the TRRA
      Pages 4-10

From A Dispatcher's Notebook
      James Latimer
      Pages 11-15

The Southern Railway Serves St. Louis, Too
      Lawrence N. Thomas
      Pages 16-34

Yard Report
      Dennis Smith
      Page 35

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