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Issues 40-41 - Winter 1996/Spring 1997

Cover of Issues 40-41 - Winter 1996/Spring 1997

Cotton Belt passenger trains in and out of St. Louis Union Station was the focus of Issues 40/41. Early on, before the construction of the Dallas stub, Waco, Texas was the destination for Cotton Belt passenger trains with through Pullman Palace cars on the St. Louis-Waco route. There had also been Nashville-Waco through sleeping cars that were transferred at the Memphis Gateway, and in 1900 Cotton Belt inaugurated Chicago-Waco service with its "Texas Train". Also included in this issue is the relationship of the Cotton Belt and the Terminal Railroad Association pertaining to operations at Union Station. Other special features look at the Cotton Belt Building in downtown St. Louis, once the headquarters for the entire system, and the Admission Agreement the Cotton Belt signed when it joined the TRRA in 1910.


The Editor's Page
      Page 2

St. Louis Union Station News
      Page 3

Cotton Belt Varnish at St. Louis Union Station
      Information and data from Jim Bennett
      Pages 4-25

The St. Louis Southwestern Railway Admission Agreement
      Ruth Trask
      Pages 26-27

The Coton Belt Building
      Lawrence N. Thomas
      Pages 28-30

Yard Report
      Dennis Smith
      Page 31

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