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TRRA Locomotive Photographs

TRRA 2000

TRRA GP38-3 2000 color photo
Jan 8, 2010 - The first of the TRRA's fleet of new GP38-3's at Madison Yard the day after leaving Metro East Industries paint shop. These 12 former UP/HLCX geeps are replacing the SW1500 fleet used by the TRRA since the late 1960's. Photo and caption information courtesy of Mike Mautner.

TRRA 1501

TRRA 1501 color photo
With the closure of the Terminal's Brooklyn Shops, all locomotives are now serviced at a facility at Madison Yard, located between Venice and Madison, Illinois. In this view, before the construction of the new Madison facility, motor 1501 is on the ready track at the old Madison "pit". This view from May 5, 1991.

TRRA 1506

TRRA 1506 color photo
One of the last Major locomotive projects during the administration of TRRA President Bill Davidson Was the replacement of all friction bearing trucks with roller bearing axles. In this view a cut of hoppers waits to enter Madison Yard on April 26, 1986 with a set of friction bearing trucked locomotives. While the TRRA once bought locomotives from all five builders, EMD motors predominate now.

CB&Q 9949

Burlington 9949 B/W photo
In the summer of 1950 Union Station is a busy place. A TRRA afternoon switch job makes up the head end of what will become Wabash-Union Pacific's City of St. Louis while a Missouri Pacific Eagle departs town. In the foreground a Burlington train backs into the station with mostly mail and baggage cars, temporarily interrupting two yard workers from making their appointed rounds.(Lewis Schneider Photo)

TRRA 596

TRRA 596 BandW photo
Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia delivered TRRA 596 in August, 1942, one of the few war time locomitives delivered. The 596 was a VO-1000 model with eight cylinders delivering 1000hp. The unit survived until 1964 when it was sent to EMD. The 1964 TRRA Annual Report notes that "...seventeen remanufactured 1200hp diesel locomotives were purchased..." during the year. (Baldwin Locomotive Works photo from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania)

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