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   For sale: I have all but one TRRA H&TS magazine from 1986 issue #1
             (when my father subscribed) to current (lost one somehow).

   I am interested in selling them, preferably as one lot.
      Jim Hager
      Member, TRRA H&TS
      1484 Shelby Point Dr.
      O'Fallon, MO  63366
      (636) 293-2458

         Posted 21 Jun 2014


   Wanted: TRRA H&TS magazine issue #35 from 1995, containing information on
           the Peabody short line and the St. Louis & Belleville Electric.

   If anyone has a copy they are willing to sell, or let me borrow for a short
   period, please contact me.
      Joe Visintine
      Member, TRRA H&TS
      Salinas, CA

         Posted 13 Aug 2011


   Wanted: Information on the elevated bridge along Laclede's Landing - the old one

   I am looking for information about the two line bridge that used to
   run along the landing. I took pictures of it, but need dimensions
   and such. Does anyone know where I can find this info?

   I am doing an article and building some of the bridge. Micro Engineering
   is expensive!

   I am also interested in the varying styles used. I have progression

      Dirk P. Reynolds
      1232 Glenwood Drive
      Columbia, IL  62236
      (618) 973-2237 (daytime)

         Posted 20 Sep 2010


   Wanted: Railroad Photos and Videos

   My hobby is collecting non-commercial railroad photos and videos from
   individuals. I will create slide shows and/or movies of your materials
   on DVD or CD. I do not charge for this service, I just want to help
   preserve railroad history. Call or email if you are interested.

      Johnny Cornett
      56588 Highway N
      California, MO 65018
      (573) 796-3340

         Posted 5 Mar 2009

Submit your non-commercial ad, information request, information offer, etc. here.

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